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5th place by jam results and 3rd by community !



Magicraft featured on TV !
IndieCade Announces Top 20 Semi-Finalists in Leap Motion ‘3D Jam’
Magicraft: Swords and Sorcery in VR


Steameria: Tournament – Experience is Not Everything
A screen of “Limbo”, an Easter egg level of the company's second title Police 2
From Tbilisi to San-Francisco: The Journey of Storm Bringer

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Be Indie Now Episode 12
Storm Bringers Studios + GameFounders
Stormbringer Studios San Francisco Demo Days
Cyberhouse #14
Current and upcoming projects
Interview with the founder of Storm Bringers Studios Irakli Kokrashvili
StormBringer Studios by Breeze Studios
SpacePunk #9 -- Interview with Storm Bringer Studios
Storm Bringer Studios TV interview at GDS TV
Achievement Hunters - Episode: Game Jam
Georgian Gaming: From the cradle to Virtual Reality - Georgian Journal

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Magicraft - Oculus Rift DK2 VR Review by UKRifter