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Freekick Shooter

Kick the ball and score the Goal, push the limits, win the Bowl! Prove your friends that you are the best free kick taker in the world! Experience realistic ball physics, providing the best experience you may ever had on a soccer game. Play in 3 different fun game modes:

◉Tournament - Take challenge to go throw all levels and win the tournament

◉Time Attack - Play agains ...

Philosopher's Stone 2048

The philosopher's stone (Latin: lapis philosophorum)

Crafting Philosopher's stone is just the beginning!
Unveil dark secrets of ancient alchemists. < ...

Tesla Runner

◉ Play for Cash! Compete in a range of real cash tournaments
◉ Play for Fun and Win Real Cash! No deposit required
◉ Use your skills against other players today and win your CashPlay real money bonus

Select Play for Cash option to play and win real cash money.

Download from:



Puncherman is an arcade casual game.

Well known controls and highly addictive.

Break wood planks and punch your way to highest place on leaderboards!

Become a Puncherman!!!

Download from:



Dotris is when well known gameplay meets Lines and brings whole new experience. Its fun, addictive and challenging.

Three game modes:

Select Play for Cash option to play and win real cash money.

Download from:

&nbs ...

Fly Happy Bird

Fly happy bird is here to make your life full of new colors and feelings !!!
You will experience familiar game-play but with a little TWIST
Just tap on the screen to avoid obstacles. Challenge your friends and beat their high scores
get 3 types of coins by accumulating score

10 - Bronze

50 - Silver

100- Gold

Fly h ...

Croco Jump

BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!

Move as fast as you can!
Don't miss the step !

Use your skills and environment to help a little Croco to escape from lava and enjoy amazing adventures !

◉ 6 amazing characters to play with!
◉ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
◉ Each character with unique set of skills !
◉ 6 unique bonuses to help with you ...

Magicraft VR demo

Game FB page: Magicraft

Steam Greenlight link: Steam Greenlight

First 2 titles will be released on mobile followed by PC-VR version with l ...

Black Dot Escape

Can you escape from the Red Bit ?
Survive as long as possible!

[How to play]
◉ Drag the Black Dot with your finger
◉ Avoid the Red enemies, they will kill you!

ATTENTION: The red squares will be out of sight, covered by your finger. The true escape master will have a great spatial memory,

pattern recognition and trajectory predicting ability. ...

MagiCraft : Balance

The world is divided and YOU are guardian of balance...

Good, Creation, Life itself...
Evil, Destruction, Death...

YOU are apprentice tasked to perform simplest magic possible, extraction of essence from thin air.

However magic performed even in this lowest form still disturbs the BALANCE of mighty forces.

YOU should decide which side to come do ...